How it all began….

In 1999, Ursula Kirk, Diana Tyson’s daughter and a high school athlete, was looking for a summer immersion experience to improve her French, but she didn’t want to go to Canada or France. After researching several organizations, Nacel emerged which provided summer language and cultural opportunities throughout the world, including Africa. Ursula chose the Ivory Coast, and when she went, she took her basketball with her.

The family selected to host Ursula was changed at the last minute, and consequently, the new family was chosen rather haphazardly, resulting in an experience that was unanticipated. The local coordinator felt bad about what happened, and after discovering that she loved to play basketball, he invited her back to Ivory Coast the following summer to run a basketball clinic at the local girls’ secondary school. Diana met with a high school basketball coach at South Brunswick High School in New Jersey, and inquired about the feasibiliy of a high school student leading a camp. They determined that 3 student-athletes and an adult chaperone could successfully facilitate the camp with up to 20 participants.

Three young women did in fact, lead that first trip to Ivory Coast, and Three Female Ballers was born.

Since 1999, F3B has conducted summer camps in the following countries:
1999 – Ivory Coast
2000 – South Africa & Kenya
2001 – South Africa & Zambia
2002 – Ghana & Nigeria
2003 – Ghana
2004 – Ethiopia & Uganda
2005 – Morocco & Niger
2006 – Botswana & Tanzania
2007 – Liberia & Benin
2008 – Rwanda & Kenya
2009 – Namibia
2010 – Mozambique

The Mission of F3B’s week long basketball camps is to increase communication, cooperation, cultural awareness and basketball skills for participating American and African teenage girls. Both continents gain immeasurable insights and life skills that promote and support multiculturalism, as well as new friendships that can last a lifetime. Each camp is approximately 60 hours in duration, with 40 hours of basketball instruction and 20 hours of professional development. The American junior coaches and adult head coach will instruct and model the the latest basketball techniques. All participants will receive individual and team coaching, as well as participate in team building activities throughouth the program. The last day of the camp will include a series of playoff games. Viewing of the games will be open to the families and supporters of the project. The winning team and most valuable player will receive special prizes and awards. African participants will be between the ages of 14-19 years old. They must currently be enrolled or have just finished secondary school. Participation is voluntary.

All Participants:
– Increase and enhance their cultural knowledge about the countries they visit
– Develop and practice leadership skills in a multicultural environment
– Learn about the role of international organizations such as USAID, UNDP, US Embassies, etc. and the career paths they offer
– Learn about multi-national companies and the career path of the expatriate
– Be exposed to multiple training models and practices as it relates to women’s basketball
– Heighten professional opportunities through corporate networking and sponsorship
– In addition to the above, the African participants will receive gift packages valued at $250.00 USD